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Ronald L. McDonald, Senior Disability Representative / Director

Mr. McDonald is responsible for providing Representative services to our clients that are required to appear before an Administrative Law Judge during the pursuit of their Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Mr. McDonald also provides technical assistance to all our other Representatives and Staff, in regards to Medical issues that affect our client's disability appeal process. Mr. McDonald has been on our board of Directors since 1995. As a Director Mr. McDonald provides GBIS with both short term and strategic management support that has allowed our company to continue to maintain its growth.Prior to taking a position within our company, Mr. McDonald had over 15 years of Nurse Management experience which included both an extensive level of one on one critical care nursing and the administrative duties of a Nurse Manager for all nursing operations within Rehabilitation Hospital. Mr. McDonald holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing from Georgia College. As of December of 2007, Mr. McDonald is also 1 of only 460 individuals throughout the United States to successfully complete all the requirements to participate in the Social Security Commissioner's demonstration project in regards to non-attorney disability representatives GAO Summary link