Government Benefits Information Services, Inc.

Government Benefits Information Services Inc. (GBIS) is a Disability Advocacy system with a single objective in mind: to help SSI/SSDI claimants win their disability claims in the most efficient and effective manner. Founded in 1995 by retired Social Security Executives, GBIS has provided disability advocacy services to thousands of individuals throughout the Southeastern United States. Our Founder wanted to create a service organization that would both educate our clients and provide the best representation available. In 1995, we started by recruiting retired Social Security executives, State Agency disability examiners and vocational experts in order to create a company that truly understands the Social Security Disability appeal process. No one knows more about the Social Security Disability appeal process that we do. Most importantly, we share this information with you and will always treat you with dignity and respect.

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We Provide Your Representation!

Unlike most of the companies that advertise on the Internet for Disability Representation services, we don't sell your contact information to the highest bidder or subcontract our clients out to other Representatives that are not accountable to us.  

We communicate with You!

Filling for Social Security Disability can be a long process and there are actions that you can do along the way that will greatly improve your chances of being successful.  With our background and length of experience with the Social Security Administration, NO one knows more about how to win your disability claim than we do.  We will work together with you as a team and provide you with the information needed to win your case.  

We will honestly tell you if we think Social Security disability is your best option!

Most firms advertising on the Internet are trying to take in large numbers of clients knowing that Social Security will approve many of these claims, regardless of how much effort they provide.  We don't run from the difficult cases.  Our success rate is based on providing you our services throughout the process, from intake through the entire appeal process.

Our goal is to treat everyone that contacts us as an individual.  We know that every situation is unique.  No one wants to go through an 18 month appeal process and discover that they really are not disabled under Social Security's rules.  We will tell you what we honestly feel your chances are to receive disability benefits.  We will also explain to you the issues with your claim, why Social Security has turned you down and what other options you may have. 

Who you choose to represent you in filling for your Social Security benefits can have a dramatic impact on when and even if you receive benefits.  Call several firms, ask the tough questions and sign up with the firm that explains to you excatly why you are eligible for Social Security or Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) Benefits - GBIS Disability, Inc.

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