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Clemetine Agee - Senior Case Manager / Technical Advisor

Mrs. Agee responsibilities include the supervision of all client contact records; follow ups for our client's disability applications and interaction with both the Social Security Administration and Medical providers in the support of our client's disability appeals. Mrs. Agee also provides technical assistance to all our Representatives an our support staff in regards to all Non-medical issues pertaining Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income . Prior to Joining GBIS, Mrs. Agee's professional career included over 25 years of employment with the Social Security Administration. After joining the Social Security Administration in 1974, Mrs. Agee rose through the ranks, and by 1989 to become the Supervisor of all Title XVI operations for the District Office of Middle Georgia. During the course of Mrs. Agee's career with the Social Security Administration, she received numerous performance awards and the Commissioner's Citation Mrs. Agee also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both Business administration and Economics from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama.